Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight will I lose?

Weight loss is a Personal journey and therefore I cannot say exactly how much weight you will lose. 

BUT - What I can tell you is that you will have a personalized approach to your weight loss goals. I help you not only learn what it takes to reach weight loss but we build a plan around your specific needs. 

Why do you recommend 0.5lb - 1lb/wk weight loss?

When weight loss is the goal Typically the real desire is to lose FAT, not Lean muscle. Therefore when deciding on a plan I help you learn how to eat well, balanced and with flexibility so that you are losing FAT not anything else. Losing weight Quickly at 1-5lbs/week is almost entirely indicative of lean tissue and water loss, not just Fat. The more consistent you are losing 0.5-1lb of "weight" per week the more likely you are maintaining or increasing your lean mass and losing Fat.

 * All results vary and are subject to the individual.

What if I hate tracking my food or weighing myself?

I do not believe you have to track food forever or weigh yourself daily forever, I do believe that Knowledge is power and you cannot improve what you don't measure. So if tracking and looking at your actions, habits and intake is not your thing at all, then I may not be the right fit. 

BUT - If you love crunching the numbers, looking at real time information that improves every part of your journey and seeing changes in your habits and getting daily updates on how well you are doing and where you can improve, then LETS GO!

Do you have a live chat?


I have a Chat feature inside my Empower Nutrition Community Portal and also encourage activity on the News Feed to share with the group as it grows. Supporting each other and lifting each other up is the way we can all get better faster!

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